Choose your pricing plan


    Perfect Starter Package
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Song placed on 94.7 The Link Apple Playlist (included)
    • Two weeks of radio spins
    • Feature on Talent Spotlight section and The Blazin Radar
    • 24 Hour Post on 94.7 The Link Story & Blazin Radar
  • The Semi Bundle

    Perfect for indie artist ready to market, brand and develop.
    Valid for one month
    • 1 month radio spins on 94.7 The Link + The Blazin Radar
    • Press Release/Music write up on our site permanently
    • 1 song placed on our apple music + spotify playlist
    • 24 hour story post on 94.7 The Link IG + Blazin Radar
    • 2 Now featuring flyers made for artist to use for promo
    • Email blast to 94.7 The Link subscribes ( over 300 )
    • Music review video created for artist
    • Meetings with A&Rs and more
  • The Business Package

    Ideal For Business Owners and Brands
    Valid for one month
    • Radio Ads ( 3x per week, once per day) 1 month
    • Social media content creation
    • Banner Ad on 94.7 The Link website( front page or back)
    • Business development consultations ( via zoom 1x bi weekly)
    • SEO(Social media optimization)
    • Custom bio made to let customers know background of business
    • Radio Interview in person or via zoom
    • Promo on IG 1x per day, 4 days per week (2 weeks)
  • The Pro Bundle

    Perfect To Get Indie Artist More Exposure
    Valid for one month
    • 45 Days of radio spins on 94.7 The Link & The Blazin Radar
    • One 45 minute radio instagram in person or via zoom.
    • Performance slot at one of our events of your choice
    • 1 Press release/write up on our website permanently
    • 1 music review video for artist song. Placed on our youtube
    • 2 songs placed on our 94.7 The Link apple music & spotify
    • Record pool placement on 94.7 affilate companies
    • **record pools is the place where djs download new music
    • What's The Link newsletter feature
    • Email blast to over 300+ of our subscribers
    • Main feature in artist talent spotfight section
    • 3 custom promo flyers for the artist to promotre to fans.