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Alabama's Own Cee Tha Gxdd Drops Gem On Her Career

Cee Tha Gxdd straight out of Alabama has many hit records out right now. She is also gaining a big following in the LGBTQ community which is major. We got the chance to have a quick conversation with Cee Tha Gxdd. Check out the exclusive below.

•	 Tell me in a few words, who you are. How would you describe yourself in a short story.  
A: What it do! I’m Cee Tha Gxdd, a music artist born and raised in the state of Alabama. I started my music career at the age of 13. I am now 20, soon to be 21 in a few days. 

1.	What’s your stage name and how did you come up with it?
 A: I go by Cee Tha Gxdd and growing up I always knew who and what I was as a person, (a god). Although, people judged me for the name but honestly, people don’t do enough research.  As I got older though, I found a deeper meaning within the name, see the god. It means no matter what you go through or what people try to make you out to be you gotta always see the god within you. It’s like a reminder.  

2. What got you into music? 
A: When I was younger, in elementary school to be exact, I used to tell off the dome stories. Those stories eventually led to poetry during middle school. When I finally reached the age of 13, I decided to turn my words into lyrics. However, I’ve always had a thing for music growing up. It has always been one of my major sources of therapy, which influenced me to take my craft seriously. 

3.	What was life like growing up? 
A: Life growing up wasn’t easy, but it made me realize I was one of the chosen ones. From migrating to different locations, to losing everything, I’m still standing. Every obstacle life has thrown my way, I’ve seem to overcome all troubles. 

4.	Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going to get up daily and put effort into your music career? 
A: I’d say my inspiration is my family/loved ones. Carrying the weight of knowing I’m the one to get us out of here is what keeps me going. This may be my career, but not only is it about me. I put fourth a-lot of effort into my music career because I see the bigger picture.

5.	What is your creative process like? What is the meaning behind your current single? 
A: Usually before I start recording, I’ll find a beat I can feed off of. Starting the recording process, I would freestyle a mumbling track and go back in and fill in the empty spaces. Using this track, I would put fourth words based off the flow of the mumbling track. Sometimes recording takes hours prior to the type of vibe I’m going for. A prime example would be my current single, “Can Of Paint”. This record really speaks for itself. It’s basically reflecting on term, “stereotyping”, noting that people will judge you, not knowing where you came from nor what it took to get to where you are today. 

6.	What is the name of the current single/ep/album that you are pushing? Do you prefer people to buy it or stream? And why?
 A: The name of the current album I’m pushing is called “4 The Lost Souls” (4TLS). It’s a collaboration project with me and my brother, YungRhyan2x. It was released on November 11th. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the album is paid for or streamed, I just want it to be heard. 

7.	With the industry changing so much, would you stay indie or sign to a label? Why and why not? 
A: I’m going to stay independent. I say this because I’d rather have control over my own music, specifically release dates, my content ideas, etc. I feel like signing to a label would be me working for someone else, which would take the fun out of my craft. 

8.	Do you feel like the music industry has went down since the pandemic? Why or why not? Where you affected by the pandemic with music or everyday life?
 A: Since the pandemic, social media has made the music industry increase. However, during this time, I started to feel socially awkward in public, which may have affected me with music. I only say this because sometimes it’s hard to walk up to someone and introduce myself without the feeling of social anxiety. Though, the pandemic did feel like some sort of reset, which I’m taking and using to help gain the confidence that’s needed. 

9.	If you were give a chance to sit down and have a business dinner with a celebrity who would it be and why? 
A: I would say Lil Baby because he knows how to keep himself relevant without doing too much. He has a great marketing team as well, but not only is he just an artist, he invests also, which is something I plan to get into very soon.

10.	How do you balance everyday life tied into your music career? A: Balancing a career with family and just regular living is righteous one of hardest things that come with this for real. Just having to put all your time and money into one thing when it could going towards things that other people would probably consider more important. But this music stuff is really a lifestyle. It's not a hobby or just some I do every once in a while. I'm betting everything on this one goal so I ain't got no choice but to reach it.

11.	Tell me about your most memorable moment in your career?
A: My most memorable moment of my career would be my first performance as “Cee Tha Gxdd”. It was my baby brother’s birthday and all my family showed up to support. 

12.	What style of music do you prefer to make? Would you ever try a different lane?
A: I prefer smooth hiphop/ r&b music. My music has this diversity which makes it hard to categorize. I’m definitely interested in exploring the depths of music. With me being a singer, I would like to extend my voice. Therefore, trying a different lane is one of the many things on my music bucket list.  

13.	Do you have a celebrity crush?
A: I don’t have a celebrity crush, but I do admire Kehlani’s style. 

14.	Is there anyone who you would collab with right now? 
A: At the moment, I’m willing to collaborate with anyone, but not with anyone specifically. 

15.	Who is the producer and engineer behind your music?
A: I’ve worked with many producers/engineers, but I’ve mostly worked with Wisdom Bibbs. He has a good ear for music. 

16.	What are you currently working on and what is next for you?
A: Currently, I’m working on my next album, which is called “Heart of the Streets”. Besides that, the next project I’m dropping will be a collaboration project with my brother, YungRhyan2x. It’s a deluxe version of our “4.T.L.S.” album we dropped in November of 2022. 

17.	When it comes to fashion, whats your dressing style?
A: My dressing aesthetic would be drippy, but weird if that makes sense. However, I’m still looking into ways to bring out my style even more. 

18.	What is your creative process like and who inspired you to make music? 
A: As stated before, it all depends on how I’m feeling at the moment and what vibe I’m going for. Though, creating tunes does take some time for a lyricist. I’d say my cousin, Big Cho, is who inspired me to make music. 

19.	If you could open up for one celebrity who would it be and why?
A: If I could open up for anyone, it would be Chris Brown. I say this because I admire his performances and talent. He inspires me to go harder. 

20.	Any funny stories or an embarrassing moments you want to share with our readers?
A: A funny/ embarrassing moment of mine is when I was performing for the Visual Awards in 2022 and the DJ started my mix before while I talking to the audience and missed the beat dropped so I just started into the crowd for ‘bout 3 seconds thinking like d***. 

21.	What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career? 
A: Honestly, if it wasn’t for music, I’d probably be somewhere I wouldn’t want to be. I’m a semi-tech head so I probably would have started some type of phone business and things of that sort. 

22.	What is one message you would give to your fans?
A: It’s okay to go after your dreams, not to say it’ll be easy, but if you want it, it’s yours. Never stop! 

Check out Cee Tha Gxdd new visual below.

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