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An Exclusive With Cali Artist, Alyse Nichole

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Here at 94.7 The Link, we are always looking to spotlight talented artist. We recently added Alyse Nichole new single " Round Of Applause " to our rotation and would love to spread it around. We were able to get an inside exclusive on this artist and more. Catch the exclusive below.

  • Tell me in a few words, who you are. How would you describe yourself in a short story.

My name is Alyse Nichole. I am from Inglewood, California in Los Angeles

County. I moved to Atlanta and currently reside here to be around more

creative individuals like me. I attended Georgia State University and

graduated this recent summer, which was a huge weight lifted off my

shoulders. Long story short I have been musically intertwined since

second grade when I sang a song about kittens my class. I have been

performing ever since and use my music as my therapy and a way to send

a message about who and what I stands for.

  • What’s your stage name and how did you come up with it?

My stage name is Alyse Nichole. It is my first and middle name. I felt my

name screamed “Star” and felt the most authentic to me cause I never

wanted to be known for one thing, so I just use my actual name for my stage name. It doesn’t feel like I’m placing myself in a box.

  • What got you into music?

I have always loved music. Music has been my escape from the world. I

loved to sing and write when I was younger. Acting made me love music

more because I got into musicals as a kid and I loved the songs the most

when being in a play.

  • What was life like growing up?

Well my parents had me young and I won’t go into it much but lets just

say they didn’t work out. My dad was just going to college and my mom

had found out at the end of her senior year that she was going to have

me. They tried to work it out, but fate said no. So, I had to grow up in

separate homes starting at the age of 5 and I was back forth from

Inglewood to South Central a lot. Thankfully I had sports and my family to

keep me sane. I was really involved in musicals and basketball as I started

to grow up and find things that I was interested in. I didn’t have many

friends, but I had a lot of family. Once I got into high school, basketball

became more serious and I really didn’t do the acting and singing so

much, but I turned more girly and I started getting into trouble with the

friends I was being surrounded by so my dad really had a strict hold onwhere I went and what I did for a while. So long story short my life

growing up was kind of like a teenage drama series tv show. Haha

  • Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going to get up daily and put effort into your music career?

Beyonce and Kobe Bryant are my inspirations. I have watched them work

so hard in their careers and followed their mentalities when it comes to

working hard. I always saw myself as a huge star like them one day. They

were humble but show offs at the same time and I loved that energy,

cocky enough to where people have to respect you, but humble to a point

that they never forgot where/who they came from.

  • What is your creative process like? What is the meaning behind

your current single?

My creative process goes like this: my producer, Chase, will be making a

beat and if I hear it and like it I’ll say “save it for me”. Then I'll take it and

I'll be by myself and I'll start feeling the beat. I kind of let the beat tell me

what it wants me to say and then I write it down on a notepad or

notebook. So when I have all my thoughts gathered, and the song is done

being written, I tell him I'm ready to record depending on the day and we

have a whole studio session of me recording songs. Those are the times I know if I truly like a song. When I hear my voice, the lyrics, and the beat

all together in one, I see if it has potential. The meaning behind my

current single is I was searching for new management and one day I had a

potential manager come over my place, who became my manager for a

short period of time, and she told me who I needed to be in a sense or

what my music needed to represent. She told me it needs to come off as

“baddie” music. So I'm also from the West Coast and I felt like the West

Coast needed a baddie to be representing for them in a mainstream style

and although I'm not signed I feel like I make mainstream music. So

“Round of Applause” came from the fact that all the female rappers I

know of that are popular in the mainstream, all have BBLS or big behinds

and I don't. I don't have a BBL but I have a nice size booty in a sense for a

small girl. So the first line came to me and I was like “I'm a pretty ass Bitch

without a BBL” and I previewed it on my TikTok and my Instagram, people

liked the song and I guess it was giving a platform and women the

message they don't need a BBL to be beautiful, successful, to have sex

appeal, and to get attention… they just have to be confident so give me a

“Round of Applause”.

  • What is the name of the current single/ep/album that you are pushing? Do you prefer people to buy it or stream? And why?

My current single is called a “Round of Applause” and I prefer people to buy it but if you stream it I'm not mad. I understand that buying singles is

not necessarily harder but less convenient for people that have streaming

services and pay for them already. Although when fans buy a single it

helps me as an artist 10 times more because it comes straight to me

whereas streaming services don't pay out as much and I think as artists

need to go on a strike and fix that in my opinion.

  • With the industry changing so much, would you stay indie or sign to a label? Why and why not?

I'm not against deals… I'm against bad deals.

So if I get a good deal and I have the opportunity to take my platform

to bigger masses then let's do it. I'm not an artist that is uneducated, I

know what I'm getting myself into, I read everything. I went to college

so if a label really tries me, I will know. As of right now, I'm staying

indie because I just don't think that I would get a good deal. I mean

who know’s that I will or won't, I just feel for me to get a good deal it

requires me to have way more leverage than I do now but I'm not

against signing… it just needs to be a good deal.

Do you feel like the music industry has went down since the pandemic?

Why or why not? Where you affected by the pandemic with music or

everyday life?

I think the pandemic allowed a lot of mediocracy to enter into the music

industry. I think labels allowed it because the pandemic did stop a lot of

money, especially when it comes to touring for their major acts. So, yes I

do think the music industry has went down since the pandemic, I don't

think I was affected personally. I think it allowed me to get better as an

artist and just focus on the craft, so I'm wasn't personally hurt by the

pandemic I do think the music industry was though.

  • If you were given a chance to sit down and have a business dinner with a celebrity who would it be and why?

I think I would choose Beyoncé just because she's a woman and I feel like

she would teach me what it is to be a businesswoman in this industry. I

think she would be hard on me but in a loving way I hope. I would also

want to talk to Nicki Minaj because she has made her career long lasting

as well and I know a lot of people don't like her as much except for the

barbz but you gotta give the woman her props. She's given female rap a

huge platform and has made it so profitable that there's a ton of us now. I

would also talk to Rihanna because Rihanna has done amazing things with

her platform as far as becoming a business owner and a brand bigger

than music. That's what I want to do as well, I want to be added into that

group of women one day. I see myself being so big that I have to be. Am I delusional? Probably. Could I be right? Possibly. I guess I have to keep

going to find out.

  • How do you balance everyday life tied into your music career? Well now that

I'm out of school, it's a lot easier. I have a work from home

job thankfully and I’ve had everything set up since I was in college to

balance that. To be honest with you my life is pretty balanced. I don't go

out as much anymore unless it requires me to be an artist, I'm very much

a homebody. I don't have many friends and that's for a reason. I don't

trust a lot of people especially because I am in this industry and for those

that are in this industry, they understand it's hard to trust people because

a lot of people will smile in your face and do you dirty behind your back.

  • Tell me about your most memorable moment in your career?

I've been doing this for five years and three out of those five, really four

out of the five, I feel like I was just developing myself and becoming better.

So I don't think I've had a memorable moment yet. I think it's going to

happen soon but to me a memorable moment is a big stage and I haven't

touched that yet so when I do I'll come back and I'll let you knowl What style of music do you prefer to make? Would you ever try a

different lane?

I prefer to make hip hop music just because I feel like hip-hop needs

me right now, but I make different types of genres. I love to sing still,

so I'll do a little R&B or maybe a reggae tone type of sound. I love pop

music as well. I grew up around pop music and different types of

music, I was never attracted to just one lane of music. I feel like

people kind of find me confusing too sometimes because I have

different tracks on my artist discography and they just don't know

what I do as far as my genre. I kind of do that on purpose because I

don't want people to put me in a box.

  • Do you have a celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush is Chris Brown, sorry for the woman they get mad at

me, but he is fine. I did like Jaden Smith at one point but I stopped

because he became unattractive to me… hopefully he doesn't read this.

  • Is there anyone who you would collab with right now?

Scar lip and Lola Brooke are hard, I would love to collab with Kehlani as

well. Yg, Snoop dogg, and Tyga would be cool too for that Westcoast co-sign. So hopefully that happens.

Who is the producer and engineer behind your music?

Chaseamillion, shout out to hubby. He is a genius if any artist is reading

this, hit him up. His instagram is @iamchaseamillion.

  • What are you currently working on and what is next for you?

So I'm currently working on a West Coast album and that's pretty much it.

I'm just focusing on music for the West Coast from a female artist that's

from there. I want to bring that sound back, the funk back, not just for me

but for the people that are missing it. I don't feel like we're being fed the

way we need to be right now compared to how New York and the South

are. So I'm doing the job and I think people are going to actually love it

and the project is close to being finished but not entirely there yet. It

should be coming out next spring or summer and I’m funding it entirely

by myself.

  • When it comes to fashion, whats your dressing style ?

I'm not sure how to describe my dressing style other than extra but there

are days where I'm a bum so I would say Boujie tomboy fashion. If that's not a thing now… it will be later trust me. Think Aaliyah.

  • Who inspired you to make music?

Believe it or not I believe it was my dad. I would watch him make songs

with my God dad at the time, in my God dad's garage. I never thought

much of it until I started taking singing seriously. I would say Adele, Alicia

Keys, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse were big inspirations for me to want to

sing. Then from singing I went to acting and then from acting I went to

rapping …now you have Alyse Nichole.

l If you could open up for one celebrity who would it be and why?

YG or Snoop Dogg because they shaped LA culture and I feel like if they

allowed me to open up for them, I feel like that will be my initiation into

shaping the culture as well, if that makes sense.

  • What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

There was a point in time where I wanted to be an OBGYN and possibly a

family attorney but I realized how much school both of them required and

I didn't love it that much. I was just highly obsessed with Grey's Anatomy

at one point in my life, no big deal. l What is one message you would give to your fans?

I tell my fans all the time to stay boujie, create boundaries for yourself,

represent yourself in the best way possible because that's how you get

respect, and don't take no for an answer. If you get no for an answer

you're talking to the wrong person. Also stay educated. I don't advise my

fans to go to school all the time because school isn't for everybody. I do

advise them to be educated on their world, their field of work, and basic

history because people will try to tell you things and show you

propaganda to create fear in you. For the ones that are woke and

educated it will not work so stay woke.

Please give us a very detailed description of the current song we are

pushing, what was the creative process like with it, what is the meaning of

it, what makes this song a hit etc, Pretty much like a bio on the song.

The meaning behind “Round of Applause” is I was searching for new

management and one day I had a potential manager come over my place,

who became my manager for a short period of time, and she told me who

I needed to be in a sense or what my music needed to represent. She told

me it needs to come off as “baddie” music. I'm from the West Coast and I felt like the West Coast needed a baddie to be representing for them in a

mainstream style and although I'm not signed I feel like I make

mainstream music. That same day, it was nighttime and I wanted to

co-produce with my producer Chaseamillion and I found a loop that I felt

was very West Coast. I'm not a full-on beat producer so once I found the

loop I kind of let him take over but I still co- produced on the song. I don't

know why we were talking about BBL's but we were and I had in my mind

“I'm a pretty a** b*tch without a BBL”. So “Round of Applause” came

from the fact that all the female rappers I know of that are popular in the

mainstream, all have BBLS or big behinds and I don't. I don't have a BBL

but I have a nice size booty in a sense for a small girl. I think the hook

came about by chase saying something with a round of applause in his

sentence and then just those two lines the next day, I wrote it and I

recorded it myself for the first time. The second time I had him record me

and he played around with it and next thing you know we had “Round of

Applause”. I previewed it on my TikTok and my Instagram, people liked

the song. I think the song's a hit because it's catchy, the beat is very cool,

although I got a comment one time that it sounded like it was from 2013.

Although, if you look at 2013 music era it was an epic era for music, so I

took it as a compliment. I had a fear that the song would piss off a lot of

people that recently got BBLs’ but if it ticks them off, the songs’ obviously

not for them. Plus, it's just one line and it's still true… I stand on what I said.

Go stream her new single.

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