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Erica Banks is the stellar rapper behind TikTok’s ‘Buss It’ banger.

Gabrielle Union, Rico Nasty, and Nikita Dragun are just some of the stars to join the hype.

Whether it’s clowncore, a musical adaptation of Disney’s Ratatouille, or the skateboarding “Dreams” guy, TikTok loves a good trend. The latest is the viral ‘Buss It’ challenge – a dance craze that has, no doubt, taken over your TikTok feeds over the last two weeks.

The challenge, named after Erica Banks’ track “Buss It”, is simple: participants show themselves in a normal, cosy attire as Nelly’s “Hot in Here” plays. When the track changes to “Buss It”, the video cuts to them dressed to the nines – and twerking.

“Buss It” flew under the radar when it was first released back in May last year, but the popularity of the challenge has catapulted Banks to TikTok fame.

The trend can be traced back to January 1, when creator @Erikadavila120 posted a video of herself with text, “Somebody do this transition, but all prettied up”. Since then, celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Rico Nasty, and Nikita Dragun have all jumped on the trend. At the time of writing this, there’s 1.2 million videos featuring Banks’ “Buss It” on TikTok.

If the viral success of TikTok breakouts like Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer”, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”, and Ashnikko’s “STUPID” is anything to go by, Banks’ track is bound for 2021 anthem greatness. Until then, have a look at some our favourites from the challenge below, including a Ratatouille-’Bust It‘ crossover content we never knew we needed.

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