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Flavor Flav Responds to Boosie Falsely Being Mistaken for Him in an Airport

“Boosie can’t fuck with Flav. I got the stats”, Flavor Flav stated in an IG video he posted while walking through the mall, in response to a video Boosie posted on IG, where he spoke on a woman who called him out, saying he was Flavor Flav. Boosie shared, “I was in the f**king and the lady gon’ talk about ‘FLAVOR FLAV!.” He noted that the lady may have called out the rapper because of the red sunglasses he had on, which Flavor Flav was recognized for.

Boosie replied to the lady, stating, “It’s too early for that s**t.” Boosie then left a message for Flav, saying, “Flav, you can’t f**k with me man.”

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