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Get To Know Va Artist Dopewell Khari

Virginia is home to us at 94.7 The Link. Everyone knows, that is where your fav party station originated from before relocating to Atlanta. We are always ready to show upcoming Va artist love! Meet Dopewell Khari, the trendsetter to the DMV.

Our editors were able to ask him a few questions. Check below and see what Dopewell Khari had to say.

Tell me in a few words, who you are. How would you describe yourself in a short story.

Dopewell_kahrii, from Hopewell Virginia. 18 years old to date. Got into music as a kid; and started takin it serious at the age of 15.

What’s your stage name and how did you come up with it?

Dopewell_Kharii DopeWell is a play off of Hopewell, and I want to represent my section being as dope as it as and bring it to the world.

What got you into music?

I’ve been making music since I was 13, but I’ve been spitting rhymes since I was about ⅞ years old. I came up off of rich kidz, rich homie, Gucci, and a lot more.

What was life like growing up?

Dopewell comes from the inner city/ small town of Hopewell Va; where its alot of poverty and not many positive opportunities outside of sports really. Not very many role models to show there's other ways to make it in life. Dopewell was raised in a single mother household with his little brothers, and he has now taken the role of being the man of the house takin care of his family while attending his last 2 years in high school.

Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going to get up daily and put effort into your music career?

My family, my little brother's, my day 1s thats been n da trenches with me, my fans, and my area. I got to make sure I show them it can be done and done the right way.

What is your creative process like? What is the meaning behind

your current single?

Maneuver. The creative process for maneuver definitely came from real life situation; it's a story about how people want to live the street life but doesn’t know how to maneuver.

What is the name of the current single/ep/album that you are pushing? Do you prefer people to buy it or stream? And why?

“Maneuver” and “Make Em Sick”. I highly recommend people to go stream and purchase those two singles.. everything that’s being said is authentic and relatable.

With the industry changing so much, would you stay indie or sign to a label? Why and why not?

If it is a good deal then me and the label could probably work something out, but if they’re offering something that I could do on my own I’ll rather stay indie.

Do you feel like the music industry has went down since the pandemic? Why or why not? Where you affected by the pandemic with music or everyday life?

Kinda because it stopped people from touring in the middle of tours and all. I was also affected by it because it was hard to get into a studio knowing that Covid was floating around.

How do you balance everyday life tied into your music career?

I try to balance them equally, but being that i have a whole life besides the music, I be losing focus. I’ll keep reminding myseld that I’m gifted.

Tell me about your most memorable moment in your career?

When I met Bigga Rankin at a showcase and won second place to him being on the intro of my song.

What style of music do you prefer to make? Would you ever try a different lane?

I make all kinds of music for all of my supporters, I would always try new things I love switching it up from time to time.

Is there anyone who you would collab with right now?

Yes. I would collar with, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Poppa and Rod Wave.

Who is the producer and engineer behind your music?

I work with a lot of producers like “Young A”, “Mondmadeit” and one of my favorite engineers is Jacktp.

What are you currently working on and what is next for you?

I’m working on a new Ep called “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”.

When it comes to fashion, whats your dressing style ?

I’m a youngin from the trenches, so I got that hood n**** swag lol.

What is your creative process like and who inspired you to make music?

While writing I think about real life situations that I’ve been through before or seen, and when I’m in the studio I’m very focused.

What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

I’ll probably be dropped out of school, in the streets doing what these other young ones are doing, with no money in my pockets. I just want to be seen and have a name.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I don’t have fans I have supporters, but no matter what stay positive, loyal, humbled, and solid. Things will get hard, everything is not easy but, during those hard times keep a smile on your face and keep pushing. Hard times don’t last forever. To my younger supporters stay and school and always be respectful. respect take you a long way.

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