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Jada Pinkett Smith says her memoir revelations have actually made her and Will Smithcloser than ever -- and she's also vowing their bizarre love for each other is the last stop.

The actress sat down for another interview with Hoda Kotb of 'Today' ... and she reflected on all the aftermath of her spilling a ton of tea about her personal life -- including the fact that she and Will haven't been involved as a couple since 2016 ... living separate lives.

Hoda asks how all the revelations have affected things between her and Will ... and, surprisingly, Jada says opening up the way she did has helped them bond even more.

There's another surprise from Jada's remarks here ... she says there'll be no other "loves" for either herself or for Will, saying their relationship is the end-all, be-all in terms of their romantic lives. That's what we can gather anyway ... Jada didn't clarify what she meant.

In any case, what JPS makes clear is that she and Will are NOT getting divorced ... going on to note that they actually still really love each other, in their own weird kind of way.

One thing Jada clarifies is the lingering question of why she and Will carried on the charade for as long as they did -- and she explains they needed time to figure out exactly what they were and what they wanted, and simply weren't ready to go public with their situation. The big takeaway here is that Jada is content calling Will her "life partner" ... seemingly for good.

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