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Police: Man hides in backseat of vehicle in terrifying carjacking.

ACWORTH, Ga - Acworth police say a man tried to force his way into two women's cars, then stole another car after hiding in the backseat.

"I just kept fighting him off," said one woman who did not want to be identified.

The woman was still shaking as she talked about what happened outside a store on Cowan Road in Acworth. She says a stranger, now identified by police as Myron Pitt, approached her as she was getting into her car and asked for a ride. When she refused, he got violent.

"He kept threatening he was going to shoot me if I didn't move over. He was trying to push me over into the passenger seat. He had me on the console. He was pretty strong," she said.

Terrified, she says she kept kicking him until she could slam the door, lock herself in, and take off.

Police say Pitt tried to force his way into another woman's car, she ran into the store to safety.

While Acworth police were taking the report, they got a call of a carjacking in the adjacent parking lot on Baker Road. Investigators say a food delivery driver had parked outside a restaurant to check on an order. Police while he was inside Pitt slipped into his car and hid in the backseat.

"When the victim returned to his vehicle the suspect emerged from the backseat and ordered the driver to drive toward (Interstate) 75. He threatened to shoot him if he didn't drive," said Acworth Police Officer Eric Mistretta.

Police say the two men got into a fight, but Pitt managed to get the keys and drove off. Investigators say license plate readers hit on the tag of the car 50 miles away in Fairburn, the next day.

Myron Pitt was arrested and is now in jail. He is charged with hijacking a motor vehicle, battery and theft by taking.

#Source Fox5 Atlanta.

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