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Prince Dre Drops Gems On Who He Is And What's Next

Check out the exclusive conversation below with upcoming artist Prince Dre.

• Tell me in a few words, who you are. How would you describe yourself in a short story.

Passionate. I love music & everything about it. Its my happy place. I’m from El Dorado, Arkansas.

• What’s your stage name and how did you come up with it?

Prince Dre The President. My oldest brother gave me the name Prince Dre. I later added The president to it to stand out. Its only 1 Prince Dre The President.

• What got you into music?

It started as just something to do. But It later turned into the only place I can express myself. Its my therapy.

• What was life like growing up?

Normal to me. Running around hooping , chasing girls and getting in trouble.

• Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going to get up daily and put effort into your music career?

My kids are my inspiration. I want to give them something I never had. A chance. Music is my only way out.

• What is your creative process like? What is the meaning behind your current single? My process is getting high and listen to the beat. Something will come to


• What is the name of the current single/ep/album that you are pushing? Do you prefer people to buy it or stream? And why?

My current project is “The Big Partaker”. I prefer people to stream

it. Its free.

• With the industry changing so much, would you stay indie or sign to a label? Why and why not?

I prefer to be signed. But I understand all deals are not good deals.

• Do you feel like the music industry has went down since the pandemic? Why or why not? Where you affected by the pandemic with music or everyday life?

I think the industry will be okay no matter what. It’s a billion dollars corporation. My music wasn't affected because I have an in-home studio. My everyday life definitely changed. I think everyone life changed.

If you were give a chance to sit down and have a business dinner with a celebrity who would it be and why?

Yo Gotti. He seems to have it all figured out.

How do you balance everyday life tied into your music career?

I just try my best to make time for everything. Its 24 hours in a day. I use as many as I can.

• Tell me about your most memorable moment in your career?

Getting 40 thousand views on one of my videos.

• What style of music do you prefer to make? Would you ever try a different lane?

I make trap music. I love all genes of music though. I listen to a little bit of everything.

• Who is the producer and engineer behind your music?

I get most of my beats from Luibeaton & Younglllproductions. But I will also buy beats off beatstars.

• What are you currently working on and what is next for you?

My current project is “The Big Partaker” mixtape.

• If you could open up for one celebrity who would it be and why?

Yo Gotti. Because I know getting next to him would change my life.

• What is one message you would give to your fans?

Always be yourself.

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