Richmond, Va Artist Blaine Cooz Talks Music & More

The DMV area has had many breaking artist such as Wale, Rico Nasty, Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy and more. Well here is one Richmond artist that is on the rise. He goes by the name of Blaine Cooz. This artist is bringing you a different style of music. IamDjRo was able to get an inside exclusive with this indie. Read more below as he talks upcoming projects and more.

● Tell me in a few words, who you are. How would you describe

yourself in a short story.

In everyday life I’m Jabari, a loving dad, hardworking man, and a

family oriented son. I’m born, raised, and still residing in the

wonderful Richmond, Virginia. I’m a passionate music artist,

entrepreneur, and full time worker. I’m a hard worker who uses his

day job as a stepping stone towards a better outcome in the future.

After leaving the day job my time is used in sections with family,

working at my craft, and staying fit in the gym. I’m just a normal

individual with big dreams, and plenty of potential to be greater


● What’s your stage name and how did you come up with it ?

Blaine is a name that came from my grandfather on my father’s side

of the family. The name Cooz derived from Bob Cousy, the ball player.

But in my case, this was me representing my grandfather on my

mother’s side, who’s nickname was Bob Cousy. I love both my

parents and my family with everything in me so I thought it was

pretty cool to pay respects to both sides. I was also formerly known

as JaBs some time ago, and needed something distinctive.