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Usher Confesses He Would’ve Dated Aaliyah And That Monica Was His First Celebrity Kiss

Alexa, play ‘Confessions’ by Usher because that’s exactly the vibe he was recently on! The singer joined E! News correspondent Francesca Amiker on the ‘Daily Pop’ segment for a talk. During the interview, they played a game Francesa named ‘Confessions’ — inspired by Usher’s hit album. She asked the star to name a celebrity he would’ve dated in the past.

“What celebrity would you have dated back in the day if you had the chance,” Francesca asked.

Usher’s Missed Romance

Usher immediately responded saying his answer is an exclusive because he’s “never told anybody this.”

He continued on saying, “Somebody that I was really good friends with that I wish I would’ve taken more serious, cause she was a really really close friend of mine, for a small amount of time and then we just disconnected. It was Aaliyah. I think I would’ve dated Aaliyah and we just didn’t get around to it. We just kind of talked, but didn’t do it.”

At this point, Francesca sought clarity on why their friendship didn’t blossom into romance. She asked Usher if both him and Aaliyah were too busy working at the time.

“No no no. We were friends,” Usher said. “We hung out, you know what I’m saying. We watched movies together and hung out.”

But despite hanging out, Usher said their friendship just “didn’t go there.” Prior to her passing, Aaliyah and Usher were only about three months apart in age. She was born in January 1979, meanwhile Usher was born in October 1978.

Usher’s First Celebrity Kiss

After Usher’s Aaliyah response, Francesca asked him who was his first celebrity kiss.

“My first celebrity kiss? Monica,” Usher said.

When Francesa repeated the name with shocked enthusiasm, Usher smiled and repeated “Monica Arnold.”

“Was she a good kisser,” Francesca asked.

“Yeah, she was a good kisser,” Usher responded.

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