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Virginia Native Margeaux Star Talks Making EDM Music

Virginia native Margeaux Star shared her love for music with us. We were able to dive deeper into who she really is now and who she was before music. IamDjRo got a chance to ask Margeaux Star a couple of questions about her music career. Check out the exclusive below.

l Tell me in a few words, who you are. How would you describe yourself in a short story.

I would describe myself as a multidimensional artist with an insurmountably unique and INNOVATIVE SOUND AND STYLE! THE ULTIMATE PERFORMER WITH THE INTENTION OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT. Originating fromVirginia Beach, Virginia, My sounds range from Pop, EDM and Rock and more!

l What’s your stage name and how did you come up with it?

My stage name is Margeaux Star. My first name is truly Margeaux and I decided to go with Star because I AM.

l What got you into music?

My barbering career got me into music. I was working worth an independent record label as an operations manager and quickly became the president of the record label with all of the work I was putting in. We would go for interviews and shows and people would immediately approach me as the artist although I wasn’t even thinking about being one. The artist of the label challenged me to create some music and with much hesitation I tried it and immediately fell in love. The rest is history.

l What was life like growing up?

Life was difficult growing up. My mother was a drop off and pick up type. I spent a lot of time alone or living with different people. I went to 14 different schools and lived in over 40 different places all around the Hampton roads area. It was a gift and a curse because I didn’t have stability but it spread me around and I got to know so many people everywhere. It still serves me to this day.

l Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going to get up daily and put effort into your music career?

Kanye West is a great inspiration. Lady Gaga, Pharrell. As you can tell I am Inspired by innovative rebels as well as the idea of never giving up. ICONS. The motivation for me to continue to strive definitely comes from the ability to be truly me and the response I get from people who enjoy my essence and appearance. I know my wildness and individuality is inspiring others… and I have shit to say and do for the lands.

l What is your creative process like? What is the meaning behind

your current single?

I usually beat surf and fall in love with a sound a begin humming or bopping out and I let whatever my hook or first line is just take me. My current single is about letting your hair down and party with a lover or a friend on a different level. Using your eyes and mind to connect and have fun without ever even speaking.

l What is the name of the current single/ep/album that you are pushing? Do you prefer people to buy it or stream? And why?

Telepathy is the name of the current single. I want people to stream it buy it pump it… record it… tik tok , reel it… EVERYTHING. It’s an international sound so I feel like it should be all of the above.

l With the industry changing so much, would you stay indie or sign to a label? Why and why not?

I do like the security of signing a deal because of the way you can be spread around . I understand everyone’s opinion of how much money the label is receiving and this and that but as long as I have creative control over my craft and I’m making more than enough money to live the life I desire I’d be more than willing to be with a label.

l Do you feel like the music industry has went down since the pandemic? Why or why not? Where you affected by the pandemic with music or everyday life?

I feel like the music industry has exploded even more since the pandemic . More underground and independent artist were explored and appreciated. It gave people time to expand their mind and taste so I would say the pandemic widened the ranges and industry. It definitely helped me to open my mind and gave me plenty of time to create and explore.

l If you were give a chance to sit down and have a business dinner with a celebrity who would it be and why?

I would absolutely sit down with Pharrell. He’s an environmentalist, and entrepreneur of his own right, a trendsetter, and innovative in ALL genres of music. His spirit springs through his physical avatar and I feel as though there is a predestined connection to be made there to exchange and share secrets and jewels.

l How do you balance everyday life tied into your music career?

I make sure I give myself an hour of practice everyday. I’m a barber and I make sure to talk music and even share my work and others with the people I’m servicing. I take on as many shows and interviews that are available. It’s a task but it’s also apart of the process.

l What style of music do you prefer to make? Would you ever try a different lane?

I make my own style of music. It’s definitely electronic. I’ve done rap and r&b and Neo soul and EDM just speaks and rings true to my heart the most. I’m open to all genres though. Even classic rock.

l Do you have a celebrity crush?

Celebrity crush?…. Eeeeeeh…. Not really . I make sure not place anyone on a pedestal. I don’t know any of those people yet and my attraction for someone is much more than physical. So no.

l Is there anyone who you would collab with right now?

I would love to collab with Pharrell, Kanye, Calvin Harris is an absolute for me.

l Who is the producer and engineer behind your music?

I use different producers work. And I’m very particular with the engineer I’m dealing with. I prefer to use Sid the Kid as my engineer. And my favorite producer is JMK as he is the producer for almost four different tracks I have.

l What are you currently working on and what is next for you?

I’m currently working on getting more shows and festivals. The songs I have are hits. Undisputed. Exposure is mostly what seems to be the thing. So shows and continuing to push the music I have available.

l When it comes to fashion, whats your dressing style ?

As far as fashion, I am a very “feeling” individual. I dress how I feel. I love to be colorful and purposefully mis matched. I love chunky shoes and boots. Platforms. I like shiny big colors and materials. Definitely neons and sequins and s***. Wild hats and pants, ya know, disco meets rock.

l If you could open up for one celebrity who would it be and why?

I would live to open for GAGA!!! She into show stopping and props and that’s totally me… all the over the top unexpected stunts and fun!

l Any funny stories or an embarrassing moments you want to share with our readers?

One embarrassing story is my planning for this show where I had lasers and dancers and bubble machines ans all this wild shit

and burned myself out practicing lol. My girlfriend at the time had to literally dress me and I still got out there and did the d*mn thing. The whole time I was performing I felt like I was going to faint, so I kept telling myself well at least if I faint I’ll go viral lol.

l What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

I would probably be working on owning a barber shop and lying to myself about being a superstar or not. I know what I’m here for and who I AM.

l What is one message you would give to your fans?

A message for my fans would be to pretend this is your last chance and say to be here. And to be you unapologetically.

Go stream Margeaux Star hit single on all platforms.

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