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We Went to Selfie World!

One of the most Instagrammable places on the East Coast just arrived in Virginia Beach! Selfie World VB opened its doors late January providing visitors with a space to capture their best selfies. Each room is interactive and provides you with ring lights to get the perfect amount of light in your shot.

This is heaven for influencers and people who live on the ‘gram. If quarantining most of 2020 has your pictures looking boring with the same drab background, Selfie World offers you a variety of ideas and props for your pics.

The 94.7 The Link staff visited Selfie World and interviewed some first time visitors. Radio personality, Will from “Against the Rules,” interviewed a visitor named Tiffany who was celebrating her birthday there with friends. “I love Selfie World! It’s like a million stations here” said Tiffany.

One room has a wall of vintage pay phones you can use to take pictures while another room has a cute cruiser bike you can pose on. Selfie world is very interactive. When asked if they are a “selfie museum” they answered that they are one of the few museums that actually allows visitors to touch things.

However, tickets only allow for an hour in the museum so use your time wisely and look for stations that fit your style the best. There are lots to choose from and it is suggested to go with some friends. If you go by yourself, there are clickers that allow for you to set up your phone and snap your own pics while you pose.

The overall concept of Selfie World is genius because the owners realize society’s relationship with social media. Sometimes people go places just to take pictures if the visuals are nice. Why not create a space just for selfies? Some people go to parks, cafes and even shark tanks to take selfies. Providing a place solely for a variety of pictures and settings in one place is perfect for where our world is now.

Photographers can use the space as well within their time limits. There’s so much opportunity under one roof for creatives. Visit for tickets and more info.

It’s 94.7 The Link’s mission to keep you updated on all things fun and interesting going on in VA. We highly suggest visiting Selfie World and tagging @selfiewrldvb and @947thelink. We would love to see your pics <3.

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