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Bobby Shmurda Cautions Rappers to Be ‘Mindful’ of Their Lyrics

Despite the passing of New York’s “Rap Music on Trial” bill, Bobby Shmurda has cautioned rappers to remain “mindful” of their lyrical content.

Shmurda, who is no stranger to having his lyrics used against him in court, told HotNewHipHop in a new cover story that he remains apprehensive that the bill will stop art being used against artists. The bill was passed in New York’s state Senate back in May, and limits the use of rap lyrics as evidence in court.

"Kay Flock, and a lot of rappers are getting locked up right now. So again, they get accused. They getting accused of these things. Accused! Accusations, you know what I’m saying? Theories. Gotta make sure you keep that word, key word,” he said. "Now listen, just because they passed the fucking law guys, do not go on the fucking record talking about you just shot Johnny in his face. Please guys, please guys. Do not go saying some dumb sht. But you can express yourself. Express stories better. But don’t do not do anything like, ‘I just shot Johnny in his face.’ Like, what the fuck, bro? Be mindful still, I feel. Still be mindful.”

Shmurda previously told TMZ that he was “grateful” for the bill passing, and voiced his concern about rap being targeted by authorities. "When they say rap can be used against you, it limits your art because sometimes people just wanna be free," he told the outlet. The bill also received support from the likes of Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Fat Joe, and Kelly Rowland. #Complex

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