Get To Know Indie Artist Young Shiloh

Here at 94.7 The Link, the goal is to get the word familiar with the upcoming indie artist. Young Shiloh is a artist currently on the verge of breaking into the industry. IamDjRo was able to sit down and learn more about him. Catch the exclusive below.

What first got you into music?

  • I began writing poetry when I was around 13 years old. Writing became my escape from reality. I eventually started writing to beats and became better over time. Music is my creative outlet that eventually became my passion in life.

What made you come up with your stage


  • “Shiloh” in Hebrew means “gift from God”. I believe that my Higher Power has blessed me another opportunity to get my life together and be the best version of myself. So I am taking my opportunity and running with it.

Most craziest moment after a show?

  • I performed out in Georgia earlier this year and the event was almost shut down by the police because the facility was full of smoke. People were hotboxing the building so most people ran out.

What's your favorite fashion trend to wear ?

  • I like to wear all black with high top shoes. But now, I am experimenting with my style. I am obsessed with denim fits and chains.

What was life like growing up?

  • I came from humble beginnings with a lot of ups and downs. It took me a while to get back on track after self medicating for years. But I am in recovery from addiction now and did a complete 180 with my life. I got back on my feet and started following my passion by attending college to study Mass Communications at VSU and create music.

Tell us one of your best memories with music

and without music?

  • I enjoy collaborating with artists inside and outside of the studio. It’s so dope when artists work on a song together and tell their story. We feed off each other’s energy and create a song that we both ride for. It’s a dope feeling.

Funniest moments?

  • The funniest moments I’ve had in regards to music is watching people I rock with perform their songs and see how hype they get when the crowd is rapping or singing with them. I laugh because it’s fulfilling to see people follow their dreams. I cut up, rap, sing and dance with them.

Who inspired you to make music?