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Keisha Cole VZ Ashanti Battle

Last nights VERZUZ Battle had fan anxiously waiting for the start. Postponed since December 5th of last year, due to Ashanti being diagnosed with COVID. This battle was on everyone’s mind. The start was a set back to say the least. Both Divas came on the mic visually annoyed. Between the delayed start and technical difficulties, they had no problem expressing how they felt on the matter.

Keisha was the most obvious, her attention was drawn off screen multiple times during Ashanti’s Set, her frustration with the mic during “Shoulda Let You Go,” she wanted to stand & sing. She was in & out the frame constantly distracted and exsperienced multiple volume issues. She took a slight shot at the setup, expressing that she wanted Puff (Sean Combs) to come in for one of her songs, but the setup was too small for him to do the “Diddy Bop.”

Ashanti seemed calm and collected, shouting out, in her words, “Very Exspensive“ sponsor Doritos. Sharing positivity once the show got underway. Giving supportive words of encouragement & good vibes. A small shot got fired when “Ain’t It Funny” when she mentioned she was 13 when she met Puff, and that she was almost signed to Bad Boy before signing to Murder Inc, just after Keisha mentioned Puff‘s possibility of being on set with her.

Let’s just say it was long night of name dropping, status flashing, and celebrity niceties. Ashanti was expected by most to be “running scared” when she initially had to postpone the battle, but came back swinging with the classics, however that was not what stole the show. The highlight of the night had to be when O.T. Genesis came on Kiesha’s mic for Ashanti’s song “LOVE.”

O.T. & Keisha had visually squashed the beef at that very moment for fans everywhere. in 2019 Genasis shared a parody rap titled “Cuz.” This was a remix of Keisha’s 2006 song. Fans loved the song, but Kiesha did not. In 2019 episode on her talk show, One On One with Kiesha Cole, she stated her feelings on the remix. “How I’m going to get paid, you know what I’m sayin’, if you making new lyrics and you ain’t sent me out a check or anything like that?” In the words of Keisha. However, the duo have squashed the beef!

Outside of the music, the battles are very interesting to watch. All in all, Kiesha & Ashanti both looked very beautiful, softened up through the night, and we as fans finally got our fix for this long awaited VERZUZ.

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